The Lucky Puppy Love-A-Palooza

Please join Hawaii Pet Beat as we host our very first holiday mash up themed event in collaboration with Aloha Home Market…The Lucky Puppy Love-A-Palooza on Sunday February 24, 2019 from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Aloha Home Market.

Since our original event was stormed out by Mother Nature, we decided to come back with twice the holiday fun!

This event is open to the public and admission is FREE. All well behaved dogs are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Aloha Home Market is a pet friendly open market and is located at 340 Uluniu Street, Kailua HI. Our event will be right next door to the market so pets can have a space to enjoy the festivities, but you can also take your pets over to the market and shop for some human goodies.

There is street parking available near the event areas, so be sure to get there early. This event will be taking place outdoor in a covered area.

We will have many pet related business vendors on site selling products and/or distributing information regarding their services and pet related organizations. Final list of all vendors on site will be distributed at the event to all in attendance. Be sure to stop by each table and pick up some goodies for your pup, participate in activities and see what services are offered on island.

Current List of Participating Vendors (subject to change): 

All Dog Grooming, A to Z Pet Wear Hawaii, Belly Rubs & Grubs, Fur Angel Foundation: Education Initiative, Kama’aina K9 Adventures, I.M. Love, Life on Paws, Maika’i Pet Sitting & Grooming, Off Leash K9 Training Hawaii, Poi Dog Treats, Pono Paws, Rock Star Pets & 4 Paws.

There will be canine costume contest and prizes will be given to the top four dogs (two for each category) who represent the theme of the event…Valentine’s Day & St Patrick’s Day.

Two winners will be chosen for Valentine’s Day and two winners will be chosen for St Patrick’s Day. Please note: If you win one category, you cannot enter the second category, to make it fair to everyone.

Sign ups for the contest will be at the Hawaii Pet Beat table and be sure to get your pups signed up before the contest begins. Sign Ups for the contest will end at 12:30pm. Prizes to be handed out after the contest is complete and winners announced. Must be present to win!


Guidelines to keep in mind, and adhere to, if your are bringing your pup or pups to the event:

1. All dogs must be leashed, secured in a stroller or carried. Please no off leash dogs at any time.

2. No female dogs in heat.

3. Please be sure to clean up after your dogs if they have an accident in or around the facility. We are looking to host future dog events at the same location and would like to be invited back, so your cooperation in highly requested. There will be spray bottles with cleaning solution, paper towels, and trash bags to help you with the clean up. Please be sure to clean up the area as best as possible.

4. If you know that your dog is super reactive to other dogs and is subject to be aggressive towards other dogs, please leave them at home where it is safer for all those attending. We do not want anyone harmed or put in harms way at the event.

5. For safety and insurance purposes, no retractable leashes. If you do not own a non retractrable leash, then the leash must be locked in a reasonable length. No dogs should be able to roam away freely from their owner.

6. Everyone is responsible for their own dog or dogs and will be held liable in the event that something happens (i.e. dog bite, dog fight, destruction to vendor property, etc.). If your dog or dogs are causing major issues to anyone or any dog in attendance, you will be asked to leave.

7. If your dog(s) is sick prior to the event (vomiting, dirrahea, etc.), is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, please leave him/her at home where they can recoup in the comfort of their own home. We don’t want to risk spreading any illness or recovery not to go well.

8. Puppies are welcomed to attend. If your puppy has not received all their puppy vaccines, please do not to let them walk around or interact with any dogs in attendance. This is for the safety of their health. Puppies not fully vaccinated in attendance should be hand carried or carried in a sturdy dog carrier/bag, or in a doggy stroller.

9. No smoking of any kind is allowed inside the event venue area. If you need to smoke, you will need to step out to the stadium designated area for smoking. This is to include E-cigarettes.

*A list of guidelines for the event will be handed out to everyone at the entrances to the event to reinforce the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and fun event for everyone.

Facebook Event Page:

Stay tuned for any updates, details or changes for the event.  Rain or shine, all can still attend and enjoy the festivities.

Hope to see you all there for a pawsome good time!