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Ride sharing is a great way to catch lift somewhere when you don’t want to take your car or maybe you don’t have wheels of your own. However, sometimes you need to take your pet with you and that can cause a bit of a hiccup with some companies…that is until now with Spot on Pet!

Spot on Pet is a ride share for pets and their owners. Think of it like Uber or Lyft for pets and their peeps. Just download their app and viola you’re all set to order your ride. You are able to order the type of vehicle and have extra people join in on your ride too. You can choose the type of pet that is joining you, weight of the pet, and add any extra notes that you would like your driver to know.

I heard about this company via another NYC pet blogger and thought I would try it out while I was in the city last week for PetCon and I was not disappointed. I’ve never used any form of ride share before, but seeing as that I wasn’t renting a car and cabs can be very expense, I thought I’d give a shot to see how it would work out.

Ordered my ride and within an hour or so, I got a message with my assigned driver with picture, car description and license plate number. All great forms to verify you are not hopping into some random stranger’s car. I got a notice the morning of my ride indicating that my original driver wasn’t going to be able to make it, but an affiliate company was coming to pick us up (me and Julian). What a great “heads up” to let me know, so I wasn’t standing around looking for my driver…seeing as that it was so cold in New York.

My driver was right on time, very courteous and even gave me some tips on easy places to visit that I can go on foot. I was pleasantly surprised with my first experience with Spot on Pet, that I continued to use their service while in NYC. All the drivers I had the chance to catch a ride with were great. One driver even handed me a water bottle and water for Julian too.

Better yet, I even had the opportunity to meet with the CEO herself and got to chat about her company (that kicked off just a couple of months ago)and learn about what else they are looking to offer in the future.

Spot on Pet currently serves the New York City areas only, but they are looking to expand as soon as possible to more cities…so stay tuned!

Although they don’t have drivers in Hawaii yet, I think this is definitely a company worth putting the word out for and keep an eye out for drivers coming to your area.

So if you’re in the New York City area and need to get somewhere with your pet in tow, give Spot On Pet a try…your pet will be glad you did!

Spot on Pet


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