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Keeping our dogs teeth clean is a struggle…am I right or what? Seriously, who has the time to brush your pup’s teeth on a daily basis??? Well how about a dog toy that helps clean our pups teeth with a natural material and inspired by Hawaii…CocoChew!

CocoChew is a dog toy made out of coconut husk that not only keeps our dogs entertained but cleans their teeth at the same time.

“The fibers from the coconut shell create a natural scrubbing action that actively cleans dogs’ teeth and gums as they chew”.

Living in Hawaii I know a lot of dogs who love chewing on coconuts they find on the beach or in their own back yard, and funny enough that’s how CocoChew got started.

Co-founder and Head of Sales Chris wrote a nice note that was placed in my order where he stated that the idea to start CocoChew came from founder Chip Linton while he was on a trip and watching stray dogs in Hawaii chewing on coconut husks. They created this toy with veterinarian guidance and approval to know that the husks wouldn’t be harmful to dogs in any way.

I know a couple of my dogs enjoy chewing on coconut husks, but it can get pretty messy quick. CocoChews are tightly woven into a braid, so clean up is very minimal and lasts longer too.

CocoChews are not treats, but a dog toy that can take the place of rope toys because they are really sturdy.

The creators of CocoChews know how important our dogs our to us and they are making it their mission “to provide them with the very best the planet has to offer”.

So if you have a pup who likes to chew or maybe you want to see what this company has to offer, then check out CocoChew…and let’s inspire more people and pets with the aloha spirit!



*NOT SPONSORED: Just my honest opinion/review

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