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Tea for two and two for tea and now your pup can join you for a cup with K9 Tea Time!

K9 Tea Time was created when the owner thought his wife (a well know tea lover) might like to have some tea with her pup. Obviously human teas could contain ingredients that could be toxic for dogs, but K9 Tea Time has carefully come up with special herbal teas that are healthy and safe for your pups.

K9 Tea Time offers many different flavors with many wonderful benefits, but for this blog, I will cover two of the first two flavors I have purchased…Fresh Breath and Fido’s Favorite.

Fresh Breath is made up of parsley, peppermint, dill and sage to help freshen your pup’s breath by destroying odor caused by bacteria. Along with helping getting your pup’s breath minty fresh, this tea also provides a boost of vitamins and minerals for your pup’s health and wellness.

Fresh Breath also can help lower blood pressure for hypertensive pups, strengthen intestinal muscles, improves digestion and helps reduce flatulence (aka that stinky gas). Some other wonderful benefits are helping arthritis symptoms, and chronic constipation.

Fido’s Favorite is made up of soy bacon bits, dandelion leaf, dill, burdock root and calendula and is known as the bacon cheeseburger of teas.

The burdock root helps to cleanse the blood, liver and kidneys and the tea also helps with indigestion, poor appetite, soothes the digestive tract, helps prevent ulcers and once again reduces flatulence. The dill helps with improving breath too.

K9 Tea Time also has teas strictly for digestive issues, cleansing and calming.

I made just a serving of the Fresh Breath and Fido’s Favorite for my pups to share and see if any of them would like it.

Fresh Breath smells wonderful, the peppermint really comes through and smells like the tea I drink. It was a hit or miss among my dogs, but I think cause they knew it was going to freshen their breath, they each just took a couple of sips.

Fido’s Favorite was a winner overall. It doesn’t smell like a cheeseburger or funky in any way which I thought would not entice them to try it, but they all loved it.

Once again, I love the natural approach it allows to help some of my dogs that have tummy troubles. The serving is based on the weight of your pup, so it’s not like they have to have a full cup or anything. It’s a small amount and you can either just pour it into a bowl or over food. The tea is also NOT served hot, but must be served at a cool temperature. Also these teas are not recommended for dogs who are pregnant, nursing puppies or pups under the age of five months.

All the teas come in loose form, so you will need a tea strainer, come in a 1.5 oz to 2 oz bags with about 40-52 servings in each bag (depending on the flavor) and retail for $9.99 USD.

So if you fancy a cuppa, make sure to get your pup some K9 Tea Time so he or she can join you for your next tea pawty.

K9 Tea Time

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