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Does your dog need some help in the obedience department? Maybe they’re a little too wild when around other dogs and you’re tired of being embarrassed by their behavior, and you don’t know what to do? Then it’s Shadow K9 Training to the rescue!

Daniel Barrett is the owner and trainer behind Shadow K9 Training and his dedication towards his dog training abilities and skills are without a doubt impressive and a dog owner’s best call to make. If your dog needs help getting his behavior in check, then Daniel is your guy.

Shadow K9 Training is widely known for their protection dog training services, however all dogs are not cut out for this type of training…no matter how much you want your little Chihuahua to do this kind of training. Daniel takes this program very seriously and carefully evaluates each potential candidate before going into this specialized training.

Ok so maybe you don’t need your dog to be an attack dog, but you do need him or her to just mellow the heck out in public and be a well balanced dog? Then Shadow K9 Training can help you out too. Just like protection work, Daniel assess each dog carefully to see what the root of the problem is and works at coming up with the best method and solution to get your dog to being your perfect companion.

However, ALWAYS remember that as a dog owner, you need to do your part too and not just expect Daniel to do all the “heavy lifting”. You’ll get what you put in, so if you don’t do your “homework” and work with your dog, don’t expect to go anywhere with the any type of training.

No matter how little or big your pup is, Shadow K9 Training can help out. Daniel understands that no two dogs are the same and each dog might have their own way of understanding what you need of them. Positive reinforcement is one of the best methods for any dog training, however Shadow K9 Training will help you find the right motivation for you and your dog and incorporate the right tools to get your there too.

Shadow K9 Training currently offers group classes (Saturday’s at Kapiolani Park at 9:00 a.m. corner of Paki & Monsarrat). Even in a group setting, you’ll be given the correct method if your pup needs a little extra help with certain commands or maybe needs to take a different approach to what everyone else is doing.

Currently Daniel does not offer private training sessions due to his schedule, but is looking to start those sessions back up in the future.

I have personally used Shadow K9 Training and still use Daniel’s services to this day. I was having problems with my trained service dog (Julian) after he was attacked by another dog one day while we were out. I called on his original trainer and was told that service dogs who are attacked never come back from that trauma and he was a wash. After all the money that was put into his training (we’re talking a few thousand dollars), I couldn’t imagine just throwing that away and saying “oh well, there’s nothing I can do”. I called Daniel to see if he can help and you know what HE HAS!

On our very first day of training, he was able to asses Julian and explained what I needed to do to correct the problem at hand. Daniel has helped me know exactly how to properly approach working together and grow an even stronger bond with Julian. Julian actually loves our training sessions (when before he didn’t seem to like training) and I found out he is very highly food motivated and LOVES working, and we are a better team for it now. We are still working through his quirks because of the attack, but we also work on other tasks he can do to keep it fresh and keep his mind working.

Because of Daniel’s tenacity and dedication to his work, I always confidently recommend Shadow K9 Training to anyone looking for a dog trainer. I honestly and comfortably feel that he can help, hands down!

So if your pup is in need of some obedience training or just needs to work out a little issue, then consider giving Shadow K9 Training a call…you and your dog will be happy that you did!

Shadow K9 Training


All pictures provided are provided and credited to Shadow K9 Training.




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