Inspired by Hawaii: Coco Chew

Keeping our dogs teeth clean is a struggle…am I right or what? Seriously, who has the time to brush your pup’s teeth on a daily basis??? Well how about a dog toy that helps clean our pups teeth with a natural material and inspired by Hawaii…CocoChew! CocoChew is a dog toy made out of coconut… Continue reading


Salt Water Safety for Dogs

Through their platform, betting companies in kenya actively promote and raise awareness about the work carried out by pet shelters. They share heartwarming stories of rescued animals, highlight successful adoption tales, and provide information on how users can contribute to these organizations. By utilizing their platform for a greater cause, they create a community of animal lovers who can collectively make a positive impact.… Continue reading


Pet Fire Safety Tips

It’s National Pet Fire Safety Day and it’s time for all pet owners to make sure all their pets are prepared and know what needs to be done in the event of a fire! Do you know what to do in the event of a fire? Here are a five tips Julian found to help… Continue reading


The Calming Effect with Dope Dog

Still on the hunt for something to help your anxious or frighten pup? Well there just might be something on the market now that can address those issues and put your search to the end…Dope Dog! Dope Dog is a crunchy doggie biscuit made with CBD (Hemp) oil. Like other hemp products I have blogged… Continue reading


Relax with Cannimal

It’s time for our pup’s to relax and enjoy a stress free moment with a little holistic touch from Cannimal. Cannimal is “ailment specific animal products combining the healing power of adaptogenic herbs + CBD”. CBD which is the non-psychotic element in the cannabis plant is proving to do wonders for many pups suffering from… Continue reading


Bake for Your Dog with Wagadō

It’s time to channel our inner bakers with Wagadō and give our dog’s a super healthy treat we can be happy with. Wagadō was created after owner, founder and dog mom Tess was having a really hard time finding treats for her pups that haven’t been recalled, had misleading information or had ingredients you couldn’t… Continue reading


Say Hello to Our Northern Furends: Bark Industry

Our furends up north are showing the aloha spirit with Bark Industry! Bark Industry is a small based Canadian company headed by CEO Tony Bark (pictured above) with a mission to “provide the most comfortable and awesome gear to pups around the world”. Inspired by not finding the right gear for Tony, this ohana put… Continue reading


Made with Aloha: Poi Dog Treats

Let the pup’s taste some aloha with Poi Dog Treats! Poi Dog Treats is a small local based business run by husband and wife team Lester and Yasuko, while closely monitored by their CEO, Brand Ambassador and Lead Taste Tester, their pup Chi’i (pictured above). Poi Dog Treats are all made with natural meats, fish… Continue reading


Boot the Scoot with Glandex

Full anal glands or pups that have anal gland problems is about one of the worse things pet parents have to deal with, with all the scooting, leaking, licking their bums or even that awful stinky fish odor (yuck). However, there is now a helpful solution to all that…Glandex! Glandex created by Vetnique Labs, is… Continue reading


Hawaiian Sun Fun with Beach & Dog Canine Sunscreen

Summer has kicked off and it’s time for dog’s to safely protect themselves from the sun’s rays with Beach & Dog Company! Beach and Dog protect canines from harmful sun exposure with their natural and organic sunscreen. Beach & Dog’s Canine Sunscreen is made from all natural, organic and vegan ingredients and does not contain… Continue reading